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We are proud to have remained open during the COVID-19 situation to support all of our clients, especially those on the front lines at Beaumont Hospital. Check out this video talking about the dedication of our team!

And thank you again to the healthcare workers keeping us all safe and healthy!

After years and years of experience, we know how to ensure that pets are safe, comfortable and stress free while separated from their families. Whether boarding for a week or visiting for doggie daycare or a grooming appointment, we ensure your dog is happy, healthy and comfortable for the entire duration of his stay.

Our facilities are built to filter out and/or mute disruptive outdoor noises such as thunder, traffic, trains, etc. Indoors we have soothing classical music playing all day while colorful TV programs air on multiple, silenced flat screen TV monitors.

Our pets, just like us, are used to well lit and well decorated homes. Our resorts are decorated with colorful murals enhanced by the use of skylights wherever possible.

Dogs are separated by size and temperament.

To provide further peace of mind to pet owners, we offer 24-hour webcam availability. If space is available, owners will be able to visit their pet while enjoying the resort either at rest in the suite, at play with a group or on an outdoor walk.

Finally, our facilities are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so your pet is never alone in the facility.

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